What the Islam is?

What the Islam is?
Islam a voice from the heart
It just says listen to your heart and do whatever your heart says “It is Islam”. But take care of it should not harm any people in any case. If you are doing so you are true follower of the Islam and if any case you think that you are not able to decide what you should do in any situation, just see the life of Prophet Mohammad. He was just come to us to explain and guide that what the way you should go on and what not. His life is the best example among us to spend our life in the right way. He never forced anyone to do the things that he wants to do. He never said that any innocent people should be killed to spread Islam. He spent his whole life in making people understand that we are here to make this world beautiful and to make this world a good place for living for others. He always used to say to his followers and relatives that don’t force anyone to adopt Islam. Islam doesn’t say that you do not watch the movies, listen the music, study non-religious books, it just says do whatever you want but keep in mind that you are not here to live for yourself you have to do something for your relatives, your friends and for them also to whom you don’t know and to whom you will never met. It is all about spreading love & care to others and I will request to all Non-Muslims that it is true that
 all terrorists are Muslims but all Muslims are not the terrorist. Our religion doesn’t say to kill innocent people for Islam it just some of us are using it for their personnel revenge. I am a Muslim and I am a true Indian also. I love this country as you do. I will never want that any innocent people should be killed in the way of Islam and no true Muslim will want to do so.
Thank you
Allah Hafiz…


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  1. fariha mansoor says:

    i m also agree with ur opinion.

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