Dont Take Tension

Dont Take Tension 

The moment you are in TENSION

You will lose your ATTENTION

Then you are in total CONFUSION

and you’ll feel IRRITATION

This may spoil your personal RELATIONS

Untimately, you won’t get COOPERATION 

And get things into COMPLICATION

Then you may raise CAUTION

And you have to take MEDICATION

Why not try understanding the SITUATION

And try to think about the SOLUTION

Many problems will be solved by DISCUSSION 

Which will work out better in your PROFESSION

Don’t think this is a free SUGGESTION

It is only for your PREVENTION

If you understand my INTENTION

You’ll never come again into TENSION!!!!! !!!!!!!!! 

Happiness keeps u Sweet, Trials keep u Strong, 
Sorrow keeps u Human, Failure keeps u Humble, 
Success keeps u Glowing, But Only God keeps u Going…………..

A Smile makes us look younger, while Prayers make us feel stronger……………

Live simply, expect little, give much. 
Fill your life with love. 
Scatter sunshine. 
Forget self, think of others……….

Whatever you give to life,it gives you back, 

Do not hate anybody. 

The hatred which comes out from you will comeback to you. 

Love others. And Love will comeback to you. 

Have a great start of the Week.

There are in the end three things that last: 

Faith, Hope and Love, 

and the greatest of these is Love


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