Q: What is Ghusal?
A: Ghusal means taking bath; but there is a particular way of taking bath described by Sharl’at

Q: How to clean one’s body from the Hukmi Najasat, i.e., Hadath Akbar and Janabat?
A: The body can be cleaned of Hukmi Najasat by taking Ghusal. 

Q: What is the way of taking Ghusal?
A: The way of taking Ghusal is this : First wash hands up to the wrist; then wash the private parts and the uncleanliness of Najasat from the body. Then do Wudu. Then throw some water over the body three times and gargle and put water into the nostrils. 

Q: How many things are Fard in Ghusal? 
A: Three things are Fard in Ghusal : 
(1) Passing water into and out of the mouth, i.e., gargling; 
(2) Putting water into nostrils; 
(3) Passing water over the whole body. 

Q: How many Sunnats are there in Ghusal?

A. There are five Sunnats in Ghusal,
(1) Washing hands up to the wrists, 
(2) Washing the private parts and the parts over which uncleanliness is found,
(3) Niyat of washing off Hukmi Najasat,
(4) Doing Wudu first,
(5) Passing water over the whole body thrice. 

Q: How many types of Ghusal are there? 
A: There are three types:
(1) Fard, 
(2) Sunnat,
(3) Mustahab 

Q: How many Sunnat types of Ghusals are there , and what are they? 
A: They are four in number: 
1) Ghusal for Friday prayer. 
2) Ghusal for Namaz of two “EIDS”. 
3) Ghusal before one puts on “Ihram” before Hajj. 
4) Ghusal for Waquf at “Arafat”. 

Q: What sort of Ghusals are Mustahab and what are they? 

A: There are many Mustahab Ghusals, some of which are: 
1) Ghusal on the night of 15th of the month of Sha’ban which is called Shab-e-Bara’t . 
2) Ghusal on the night of ‘Arfa, i.e. the night following the evening of 8th of the month of Zil-Hijja. 
3) Ghusal for the Namaz of lunar or solar eclipse. 
4) Ghusal for Namaz-e-Istisqa, (prayers for rains). 
5) Ghusal before entering Makkah Mu’az-zama or Madina Munawwara. 
6) Ghusal for the person who has given bath to the dead. 
7) Ghusal of a Kaafir at the time of his embracing Islam. 

Q: If there is necessity of Ghusal and one stands in the rain or dives into the river so that water flows over his body, will it complete the Ghusal? 
A: Yes, Ghusal will be completed if one also passes water into his mouth and nostrils.

Q: Is it necessary to face Qibla while doing Ghusal? 
A: It is not allowed to face Qibla when one is naked . There is no harm, however, if Satar is covered. 

Q: How to do Ghusal with Satar uncovered? 
A: it is all right to do so if it is done in a bathroom or at such a place where no one can cast his eye over his satar.

Q: How many things are Makruh in Ghusal? 
(1) Wastage of water, 
(2) talking or facing Qibla while satar is not covered,
(3) Wudu done against Sunnat. 

Q: If Wudu is not done before Ghusal, is it necessary to do Wudu after Ghusal for prayers? 

A: Ghusal completes Wudu. So there is no necessity of doing Wudu again.


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